Dare of the Day

I am an introvert. So even asking a typed question during one of your live calls makes me think twice (ok, maybe 5 times). However, I asked three two questions on the Overeating bonus call (as my dare of the day) and was amazed at the thoughts that I observed in myself.

I signed on a little later so I was not sure how to work with Zoom. Anyway, I asked two questions. As luck would have it, I asked at the same time that you were answering longer questions. So I went through the first half of the call and when my questions weren’t answered, this is what happened:

C: Questions that I asked wasn’t answered
T: My questions must not be very good
F: depressed
A: Somewhat tuned out of the call because fixated on my thought about the circumstance
R: Wasn’t fully present during the call and didn’t get the 110% benefit that I could have

But, at the end, you went back and answered them all!

C: Question was answered
T: This is had nothing to do with good questions or bad questions
F: Relieved, Happy
A: Excited to implement all the suggestions on the call
R: Sat down to meal plan

Did the do the models correctly? I find that I mix models sometimes.

Thank you for all of this help!