I notice that on dates when I like someone I totally act awkward when it comes to touching and my thoughts about it make me feel incredibly embarrassed and then I want to hide afterward. It’s almost like I leave my body or do not pay attention during those parts of the date.

I did a model on it and want to figure out how to stay present with myself the whole time on a date… any ideas on how to shift to a new model or next steps?

Here’s the model:

C: Leaving Date with a guy I wasn’t sure if I was going to see again because he lives in another state. Hugged him, patted his shoulder, said bye about 2 times
T: I made that so incredibly weird, cringe-worthy
F: embarrassed
A: Told my sister how embarrassed I was
Cringe thinking about it
Hope no one saw
Not reach out to him after the date
R: wanting to hide and not learning how to stay present on future dates.

Here’s a try at a new model:

C: Dating & touch
T: I can hold space
F: present
A: pay attention to how I am being
Pay attention to how they are being
Notice any feelings that come up instead of leaving them
R: not wanting to hide