Daughter & Fiance

My daughter is engaged. Her and her fiance are not happy at all. I see my daughter making so many mistakes in how shes handling it. Shes escalating the drama more that it needs to be. Im trying to show up as her mom and use the model to keep me on track of just being there for her without getting out my manuel. On the other hand, im also her mom and shes coming to me often for advice. I want to help her but i catch myself pointing out the things that im observing from her and telling her how she can make things better. I totally understand she gets to think whatever she wants, thats not what im struggling with. Im having a hard time showing up without my life coaching hat on. Yet when i just provide space and let her talk and i hug her and cry with her, she asks me what to do and she absolutely does not want to use the model. How can i help her see how shes contributing to the failure of her relationship and yet she has comfirmed that she does not want to lose this man. When i offer her advice it sounds like im handing her my manuel of how she should behave.