Daughter question

My daughter, who is almost 50 years old, rarely comes to visit us and when she does, she seems uneasy and it is not comfortable for any of us. I asked her straight out on the phone the other night what that was about and she said that I make her feel small and not good about herself. I amfeeling really bad about this although I know that I am not responsible for her feelings. Our relationship with her has been strained for a long time and her brother committed suicide 30 years ago so she is our only child. She has been married and divorced twice with no children and now has been on disability fo Lyme disease for a few years. We sent her to ballet school for high school which was her dream, not ours, and it was a financial struggle for us and she has never been grateful for the opportunity she had to be a professional dancer. I feel like I have a big personality which could make her feel small at times but I am who I am. At the present I feel like not being around her at all if she can’t get over those feelings because I cannot be responsible fo her feelings after all the guilt we felt over her brothers death. Need some help here…Pat