Daughter’s experience

My daughter is 13. She has a group she likes to sit with at school, but does not ask any of them to hang out much after. We live in a very affluent area, where kids are very involved in group sports, she does not do any sports in town. I have made up a bunch of thoughts about how she is being left out cause we are not rich enough, cliquey enough, social enough etc.. She also has friend who recently moved, and despite my daughter reaching out to staying touch, this girl is not responding back- yet responds back to other girls;s. I feel so sad for her. My UIM:
C: friend not responding to daughter’s texts or facetime
T: That girl is a bitch who is leaving my daughter out cause she is not popular enough
F: distraught
A: ruminate about what my daughter is doing wrong, ruminate about what I am doing wrong, tell myself stories about how we will never fit in as a family and how my daughter is doomed to be marginalized, tell my daughter to stop trying so hard and acting desperate
R: I’m being a bitch

Argh.. where to go from here. I really honestly don’t see how I can see this C as neutral. Please help. Thank you – I’d love to get to a better place on this.