Day 2 no buffer

the thoughts from yesterday “I can’t handle this” was still lingering. I have been pushing it down rather than allowing it. so today it exploded and offered another thought insight. I need to keep asking questions – how do I allow this feeling?

C- went swimming with kids. we were in changing room. I was changing my 3 year old. My 6 year old said hungry, opened the container with tofu and all fell to the ground
T- I am in pain
F- combative (I am imagining like those abused doggies on pet rescue shows, wanting to bite the rescuers)
A- I shouted to my kids “sit down”. Then we got home, I was cooking and splased water into hot oil and burned my hand. I was putting clothes in washing machine and didn’t open the lid properly, so it came down and hit my upper arm
R- I am creating pain to me and kids

I wonder what made me blieve I am in pain…