Day 4 – Do I like my reasons

TDL – I don’t write my food the night before because it feels too restricted. I may be locked into eating something that I may not want at that time. I may have a taste for something else. If I’m weighing and measuring my food according to my protocol and I’m on protocol what does it matter that it was the day of vs the night before?

C Write night before
T On protocol and right amounts shouldn’t matter when I write it
F Irritated Restricted
A. Continue to decided in moment or day of
R. Still choosing with animal brain

C Write night before
T. I’ll give it a try
F. Somewhat anxious
A. Do it anyway
R I find out why it matters.

In the course of typing this out I realized that I was making it too restricted. I didn’t need to say the exact protein and vegetable, I just needed to say the amount/protein, if salad/vegetable and amount of dressing or fat. Is that correct?

I also plan to do more TDL (thought downloads) on feeling restricted.