day three of models and thought downloads

hi there,
here i come again with my next models. thanks for your help! much appreciated!
this time i have four of them. And i could only complete one

model one:
c: meeting my bf
t: scared that negatvie thoughts will come up
f: anxious
a: not being present, generating negative thoughts
r: wasted a wonderful evening

Intentional model:
c: same
t: the negative thoughts won’t com eup because i truly love him and i am in charge of the positive thoughts and feelings
f: energized, love, happy
a: loving my bf>
r: having a wonderful evening.

-> here in the T line i tried to put in “the negative thoughts will come up and they don’t mean anything.” but i didn’t help. i felt the same amount of anxiety as before

model 2
c: going to watch a theater play of my mother in law
t: she doesn’t deserve our time because she is selfish
f: angry, resentful
a: going to the play but not enjoying it
r: wasting a wonderful night

intentional model:
c: same
f: compassion, love
a: going to the play and enjoying it
r: having a great time
-> somehow i don’t want to have her everything. she is so selfish and is like a child. and just thinks of herself. and i just don’t know what to put in the T line to feel compassion and love for her. please help!

model 3:
c: i wrote my EX best friend a message
t: she thinks am lonely and pathetic
f: emberrassed, rejected, unworthy, bad
a: i don’t write her again
r: no good relationship with her

intentional model:
c: same
t: ??
f: happy and peaceful
a: write her again with no shame
r: good relationship with my ex bf

model 4
unintentional model
c: relationship with my ex best friend
t: she has a complete happy life and hers is better than mine
f: sad, feeling sorry for myself, unworthy, jealousy
a: watching her instagram feeds
r: induldging in negative emotions

intentional model
c: same
f: happy, peaceful

it just seemed that thoughts that would help me feel better in the intentional model are also negative. for example:
her life isn’t as perfect as it seems,
she is more shallow and therefor loves everything. No profile.
i don’t want to make her bad to make me feel better.

Please help!!

thanks sooooo much!