Deanna’s Purpose Statement

Hi Brooke,

I joined scholars last month. I delved into the over eating section of the assets and avoiding the actual month’s work because I didn’t want to go there. I’ll revisit that when I have more skills. I’m very very excited about this month’s work and wanted to have your feedback on my purpose statement.

✨I want to amaze myself by accomplishing things I previously thought I couldn’t.✨

The first two things I’m going to accomplish are:
I’m going to weigh 140 pounds by the end of the year. (I’ve lost 14 pounds since the beginning of July. I have 12 more pounds to lose before I go on vacation at the end of the month. My goal when I started in July was to weigh 180 before I got on airplane on August 29th. I’m 5’8” and 55 years olds. I had picked 160 as my goal weight but have changed it to 140 because that’s the scary – I’ll never be able to get there – number.)
I’m going to earn $150,000 in the next two years. (Last July, I went to real estate school. I got licensed and hired at the beginning of October. My thoughts on being a Realtor have been: this is a real stretch for me, this could be good, but I’m going to fail at it just like I always do. (Working on that 😉)

I like it. Your thoughts?

— Deanna