I’ve been feeling numb as I’ve been thinking about my impossible goal. Losing 30 pounds isn’t it… its the side effect of whatever “it” is. Long story short… I started crying and having all these excited but still totally petrified feelings as I thought about my big impossible goal being something about keeping commitments to myself. I don’t keep commitments to myself. Everyone else comes first. I have a lot of thoughts and beliefs about my not being able to stay a course. I can go a week with any new plan or commitment and then I revert. What would the impossible goal look like about consistency is the question? Is it a morning routine with tasks I do every single day for six weeks or 3 months? Is it a list of tasks I must check off each day or each week? This is the issue that scares me the most and I keep finding to be my big road block. I will never change and be the person I want to be until I build trust and consistency. The 30 pounds is after that because right now I don’t believe in me. Still fuzzy on the details but this feels right and scary enough to excite me.