Desired result–spend less time "stuck in my head"

I find my models often have an action line of thinking more thoughts with a result of getting stuck in my head. My desired result is to spend less time in my head/be present with what’s outside of me (work, family, friends), not just present with thoughts going on in my head. I’m not sure if 1) that is feasible and 2) if I’m going about this right.

For example, when I’m at work (I’m a physician) and I’ll be in a room with a patient and random thoughts pop into my head “oh, you’re nails are getting long!” “hmmmm, my feet are starting to hurt.” “are you slouching? Remember to sit up straight, it helps your back” “I love my dogs” “I wonder what Justin (my husband) is doing” and on and on.

C-Thoughts pop into my head
T-ugh, here they go again, distracting me from the task at hand
A-think about how I wish the thoughts would stop so I could be present in the moment
R-continue to distract myself with thoughts

I thought this intentional thought would give desired result, but it doesn’t:
C-Thoughts pop into my head
T-Oh good, my brain is still alive and working
A-think more amusing thoughts about how silly human brains can be
R-continue to think and be stuck in my head

I don’t know what T/F to have to have an A that doesn’t include more thinking and R of being more present…I actually don’t know if it’s possible to create an A of not thinking so much with my brain…thank you for your thoughts/advice!!!