Desires/ goals and feeling good

Hi Brooke!
First, a win:I lost 6 pounds in february ( and month is not over) !

My question is about the feeling our goals generate.
I recently remembered the time I was planning my wedding and how I was so committed to creating the wedding of my dreams and took massive action about it. Not only did I lose 50 pounds but really crafted the ideal day that I had envisioned in the tiniest details.
Now the reason I’m telling you this is because I thought about that period and realized that when I was thinking about that goal, the desire to make my vision come through made me feel good. Thinking about it brought about the feeling beforehand ( as you often mention – I already felt like having it beforehand, was excited, was all giddy about it). This feeling carried me there.

The difference I struggle with now when I think about my goal of creating a successful business is that it doesnt make me feel so excited . It makes me feel scared.
Doing the daily massive actions bring up anxiety and Doubt. But i want to feel about this goal the same way I felt about the wedding – certain, no matter what, excited, looking forward to it.

I know the difference is in my thoughts, but cant figure out exactly how to generate the feelings I want when I think about the possibility of my business being successful.
What does it mean?