Difference between failing and burning out?

Hi Brooke- I’m powering through my Dec. homework to open my year BIG! I’m struggling with the idea of creating fails. My goal is to lose weight and working out is the key in my case. I used to be very active and stopped working out about 5 years ago after an emotionally challenging time. The first two areas I’m measuring are ok= cooking at home (not eating out) and my goal weight of 115. Both feel impossible, but exciting. When I think about exercise fails- I create situations that already make me feel like a failure- no excitement. Eg: going from couch to doing both hot yoga (90min) and a 30 minutes of walking or strength training a day for Q1. For me (much like Suzy in her homework call), this workout goal makes me feel sick… like I’ve signed on to make crafts with dog poop 2 hours a day. It repels me and I literally feel sick to my stomach. How am I going to learn to fail if I can’t even believe what I’m writing down?