Disagreement With Husband

Hi. I understand the concept of the manual and not being able to change my husband but I’m having a hard time when it comes to how we parent our children. A couple of weeks ago, he told me he is taking my 10 yr old son out of school 40 min early to watch a professional soccer game which included their favorite team. I told my husband I wasn’t really happy about it but sent a note to his teacher anyway. Well tonight he tells me that he is taking my son out early again for another soccer match to watch. I told him I don’t agree with this and he got defensive and said he already told him he can do this and will take care of the school note.

How can I handle this situation with my husband when I don’t agree with pulling him out of school for sporting events? I feel like it teaches my son that sports are more important than school! I also feel my husband completely disregarded my feelings about this situation.