Disenchanted-Need Direction

Hi Brooke,
Thank you for your work I appreciate it. I first started listening to your podcast for months then this month joined SCS and recently started listening to Abraham Hicks-Amazing thank you again!
A little about me-I am a self starter and have created many things in my life. Homeowner, I am single, no kids no spouse or boyfriend, so my time is mine.
I heard the podcast about your job is not suppose to make you happy and it really triggered something in me to I guess I need to stay with my career. I am a mortgage broker, I have been doing this for over 20 years. I have always had a love hate relationship with this career, it is very hard when you don’t have control of the outcome. with financing they either qualify or they don’t this still is very stressful for me and disheartening it is very thankless no one really thanks you at all, the lender is the one who makes the financing possible for homeownership, which makes me think am I being of service as you say we should be I really need to understand this for my spirit. I do enjoy the freedom of having my own business and hours, I am looking forward to your Entrepreneur classes coming I have been wanting to start my own business for a long time but don’t know where to start. But for now pushing forward on the lending, I gained some new insights and perspective so I decided to work on a Niche financing programs I have. I understand it is about the thoughts that create the feelings but a lot of mornings I get up and have no desire or enthusiasm and feel lost confused and purposeless. I think I am coming to terms with the fact that I might have unworthiness issues and that is why I can not move forward and make my career flourish I have not been able to cross a certain amount of money even though I have done this for so long or is it that I am in a career that is tough I also have a creative side I have started to sing again which is something that I always have loved and little by little performing. Am I doing too much? I am always happier when I have my creativity as well in my life. Now recently I feel I am not interested in learning my new songs that I just had a composer arrange for me. Sorry if I am rambling just need some direction I really am a determined hard working individual and have created many things in my life. Now the next chapter of my life I want to make things bigger than life but I get so side tracked and disenchanted with all. Thanks so much for your time! Sincerely, Alice 🙂