Do I want a partner for love and companionship?

I’m not sure if I want a partner. When I was in my 20s, 30s, and some of my 40s I wanted a partner/husband more than anything else. Now I’m not so sure. Do I want one because people won’t stop referencing or talking about their husbands (which seems like every five minutes )?
On some days I tell myself how wonderful it must be to have a partner. On other days, I think a group of 3-5 in-person friends in a city I love is what I want.

Questions: Am I failing ahead of time because I just don’t believe it’s possible for me?

How do I get to the truth?

One excuse I have is that I don’t see many men I’m attracted to that’s age appropriate. I’m 53 and get told ALL the time I don’t look 53. Lol