Does this count as an urge

Planned tonight to allow an urge by not drinking at all when I normally would have. I woke up this morning with the chatter in my head about should I drink tonight because it is Friday and I was planning to or no I really shouldn’t because I drank off plan the night before on Thursday night. So I did a lot of scs work and came to the thought that I was not going to drink tonight. Now, here it is Friday night and I have no desire to drink because I had way too much last night (unplanned) and woke up with a headache and really tired. The headache and tiredness are still with me and I am not experiencing urges. I am like bummed out that there is not an urge to collect on lol! But, I had a light bulb moment that in the past I could feel sick as could be whether it was a cold, stomach, head, etc…and yet I would still force myself to drink against my will! I have no plans on doing that tonight. What do you call tha?… change in habit? Does it get applied to an urge or just a light bulb moment and a step in the right direction?