Dog Owners. Thoughts Vs Story. Model Help

Hi Brooke.
Well, I’m really thought erring on this one.

Story Vs Fact
I looked after my friend’s dog, for three weeks, a Hungarian Visler, super energetic. It took a lot of my time and energy. She’s a beautiful dog, but she crapped at least 5 times a day – I have a weak stomach. She’s tough on my dog, during the time I had no personal space. She was a handful. But I loved her like my own dog. I was working inside and heard a sound and when I went out my dog was really injured. She was crying and I was worried about a snake bite. In a panic, I put her in the car. I shut my yard gates and left my friends dog in the backyard. When I came back, an hour later their dog was in the middle of the road with the neighbour. It really freaked me out. No road sense, I’d be devastated if anything happened to her. But I was so relieved she was ok.
When my friend came to pick her up – and stay for the weekend I said “Have I got a story for you” I told him the story and rather than being relieved, he got angry and upset. And started telling me what I shouldn’t have done. And that he told me I couldn’t leave her on her own. I was so upset that he would have a go at me. I reacted. I can’t believe it. He’s a jerk and a sook. And so ungrateful.
I went to the vet.
I locked the dog up
She escaped
I found her
I told him
He reacted (Are these last two facts?)
I reacted

Unintentional Model
C Friends dog escaped
T What an ungrateful baby
F Resentful/dislike
A React
R Ungrateful friend ( I agree but it’s not serving me)
Do I ask, of the thought, is this really true, why am I choosing to think that? This opens up thoughts on previous examples when he’s not always ungrateful?

Intentional Model
C Friends dog escaped
T He’s upset and seems ungrateful. (Is this two thoughts? I cant get to just the T He’s upset. And move to the F line without adding seems ungrateful (Am I still holding on?)
F Understanding
A Hold space. Don’t react.
R Friend can be upset. (Is this an ok R?)

Thanks in advance.