Why don’t you answer my questions??? Part 2.

Thank you for your response – sorry I was cross.
But I still think my question was tricky, cos I still don’t know the answer.
How do you allow urges? Exactly how? Going into a scary movie and being scared isn’t quite the same. I find scary movies huge fun. I don’t find urges fun at all. I feel them in the same way I feel anything I don’t like, and I don’t act on them, and it is hard. It feels like I am resisting, because surely NOT DOING something you want to do IS resisting?
I heard November is about feeling difficult feelings, so maybe it’ll get clearer to me then. Can you offer anything more about how to allow an urge, or is it just something you GET, with time, in the same way I got, with time, the beauty of meditation?

Sorry again for being cross. I get frustrated, and now I feel bad for being a bitch. 🙁