Dopamine hit from people pleasing?

I brought his question my to super thinking session yesterday, “Why will I honor my commitment at work over myself? I will do everything in my power to be successful at work, but I won’t apply the same level of commitment to follow my drink plan or eating plan.”

My answer came back with that I probably get a dopamine hit from getting an “attagirl”, or a kind email from a parent (I’m a teacher), or some sort of recognition at a meeting. I know it’s not a pay raise!

Is getting a dopamine hit possible from people pleasing? So now I am trying to associate the days I follow my drink plan and eating protocol with giving myself a mental high five and trying to reprogram that reward system. Does that sound like something that might work?

Also, I have to be careful because I love to beat myself up when I don’t follow my plan, so I am really trying to be compassionate there too.

Also, I just got my VIP stuff in the mail! Wow! Super, awesome stuff! I am so excited about reading the material!