Dream kitchen

I have this model I am working through and would love some insight.

C: Husband and I had words about possible kitchen remodel and how much to spend
T: I am probably not going to have my dream kitchen
F: Disappointed
A: withdrew from conversation, stew in disappointment, devaluing what he did propose, said things like, ” that won’t work for me”, was throwing a mental temper tantrum, in emotional childhood, kept bringing back some of the ideas we had talked about previously
R: Basically shut down any further conversation that would lead to new kitchen

I can see what I am creating but still feel so far from an intentional model. I keep having thoughts like ” I guess I will just have to settle for less of what I wanted.” I would love to have an intentional model to lean into. I know this all seems so childish, but I feel so far from where I want to be on this issue.