drinking plan for best results

Hi Brooke,
So I’m going into my third week here at SCLS and have been working on a drinking plan which I’m not sure if how I am doing it is the best possible way for me. My goal is to cut my drinking wayyyy back over time and not sure at this point if I want to cut it out of my life completely. I also just finished watching 3/4 of your video Q and A from last Friday night. Wish I could have been there live. I have been not drinking during the week and allowing a drink plan F,S, and Sun. I have also allowed myself 3-4 glasses each on those days. But listening to your video you mentioned having a drink plan which might means allowing the 1 or so glasses of wine (say anytime I plan even if during the week). In other words allow the glass and then no more and feel the urge. I’m wondering if I should be doing this rather than saying, “Only on the weekends or special occasions”. Doing this way seems like as mentioned, is serving not to set myself up for planned drinking on the weekend (kinda like yea it’s the weekend a bottle a day! I’m allowed). I don’t know if this is making sense or not. I don’t think I could plan more than the one drink out during the week because after two I might be like, what the hell! Is this making sense? The first way I was doing it which was only drink on weekends or special occasions feels a little bit like deprive during the week or feel through the urge and look forward to my drinking on the weekend. In other words just as example, it’s like white knuckling it till the weekend. Though….not drinking during the week did not feel like white knuckling for me which honestly WAS A MIRICLE! Anytime I tried not to drink on my own during the week before without this program it was white knuckling and I always gave in. So its amazing that for two weeks during the week on this plan I didn’t feel that way. Anyway, which way should I go? 1. Practice the urges after one drink no matter what day of the week it is and allow myself more when I want to and it’s planned or 2. Keep not drinking during the week and only on weekends or celebrations.
I hope I’m making sense