Sorry for all the questions

So I’m submitting all these questions here because they were really questions I had for my tutoring session this morning which I cancelled. One reason I know I cancelled is because I was hating myself and feeling like a failure for drinking on an unplanned day and therefore in that moment of self-pity I like to punish myself with all kinds of thoughts from: “This program isn’t going to help me anyway” to “Now I don’t even know what to ask the tutor”, because I had a list of questions for her, but now the bigger problem is I drank” to” F- it, I’ll just cancel ….THOUGHTS, THOUGHTS, THOUGHTS.
I know I can reschedule a tutoring session but I really would like to know the answers now so I can improve upon working this program correctly.
1. I notice when I do a model I can start out with a thought- do the model- realize there is a deeper thought-write a model on that thought-realize there is even a deeper thought- write a model on that thought- BASICALLY THE WASH,RINSE, AND REPEAT CYCLE and then finally I write the usable model after I got to the heart of the matter. So I’ve written three models on my negative thoughts and then one positive useful model.
Am I doing this correctly or does every negative model need to follow immediately with turning it around and writing a usable, positive model?
2. Should I also be writing models on only positive thoughts to reinforce my positive thinking and not necessarily have to have an ineffective, negative thought/model written before positive/usable one. ?
3. Does the T and R always have to match to do the model correctly? Can the R match the E more than the T?
4. 100 urges: I had 2 planned and was sucsessful urge situations I put myself in this week. I was going to put myself in another situation last night but between being so tired and thinking so much, I decided to thing the I shouldn’t push myself so much so fast. This didn’t mean I was giving myself permission to drink (though I did for other reasons), It meant just relax and don’t have to create so many opportunities so quickly or it might backfire on me. What are your thoughts?
Thanks Brooke.
If I hadn’t been beating myself up over drinking last night I would not have cancelled the session. But, I would like to know these answers now. Some sessions need to be scheduled days or weeks in advance.