AM- Driving thought model

Everyone thinks they have the worst traffic- and here in Miami- It’s no different. Between the elderly, young kids texting,
hot-headed Latins, hot-headed Americans, hot-headed Israelis and many who don’t speak the language or do and just choose to ignore signs- it can be very aggravating to drive. I would love a bumper sticker that says: “Are you always a jerk, or only when you drive?!!”

This is my thought model on how to change my Feelings about driving here from Annoyed, put-out, disrespected to calm, compassionate and indifferent. So this is a perfect example of how we can’t CHANGE another person- but not sure it fits.

C- Driving/ Miami Traffic
T- He/She is so rude/unsafe, inconsiderate and just a jerk
F- annoyed, put out and disrespected
A- Beep, swear in car, yell in car (never AT them so they can see- Guns here- watch out in Texas too 🙂 )
R Bad mood and bad example to children in car- rude driver too.

C- Driving/Miami traffic
T- “They’re lost”, “They’re a new driver”, “They’re elderly and hanging onto independence as long as possible”, “They don’t speak English”, “They’re here on vacation” “They must have a bee in their pants” and my favorite: “Thank G-d I’m not married to that ass hole and just have to drive near him”
F- calm, compassionate, indifferent and grateful (I love my husband)
A- no beeping (unless in danger), NO swearing, just smile and nod
R- arrive home happy