Dyslexia Diagnosis

I can’t say I feel surprised because as her mother I intuitively knew something was there but I remember giving her until 1st grade/2nd grade to truly allow her to grow into her learning. I sensed something was going on with her reading and spelling. Yesterday, I received her results that she has dyslexia and trouble identifying letters and sounds, and reading is also a challenge for her.

I am glad we have caught this early and can help and support her on her learning journey. As her mother, I want to educate myself so that I can fully understand this disorder and help her thrive. It makes me feel sad when I think she may hate learning because it’s hard for her.

First I’ll let her teachers know, meet and create her 504 plan, and teach her how to type. I want to love on her so much and be right there with her every single step of the way. I embrace her wholly and will find all the best resources and accommodations to ease any frustration all while allowing her to feel these emotions that may come up.

C: Daughter diagnosed with Dyslexia yesterday
T: Learning will be a struggle for her.
F: Nervous
A: research the disorder, feel tingling in my stomach, come up with a plan, talk to husband about it, I don’t panic, I don’t tell her yet, I meditate and write about my thoughts/feelings.
R: I allow the struggle to settle in for me.

C: Daughter diagnosed with Dyslexia yesterday
T: I knew something was there.
F: Concerned
A: Listened to the diagnostician’s feedback/report, felt my feelings of vulnerability, didn’t jump to conclusions, didn’t immediately start researching it last night, went to sleep, woke up to do a TDL about it, research dyslexia today, talk to teachers about it today, come up with a plan, I don’t run and talk about it with anyone who will listen.
R: I sit in the realization of knowing my daughter’s diagnosis