Eat that Frog Now, Later or Last?

There are specific tasks involved in my career that I thoroughly enjoy and others that I loathe. I am a physician, and I’m not too fond of typing and completing my notes. I would rather see double the patients than writing, reading, proofreading office notes documenting the patient encounters.

I have tried different strategies to tackle this–
Chart prep so I can finish most notes right after the appt ends.
This is the best approach, but due to the unpredictability of my work, ex: baby delivering; many times, I am called away mid-task and I would rather be doing just about anything instead of charting.
So I often have a small pile of charting (sometimes a large pile if my mind was resisting that day)

This task is like a MONKEY on my BACK. I have tried tackling first thing in the morning….sometimes I can’t get through it and it hinders my productivity for the rest of the day. Other times I leave it for last—I get everything else done on my task list except for this.

I am writing this message right now instead of charting.

C: I have documentation that needs to be completed
T: I HATE IT and resent the fact that I have to do it on my time.
F: Anger, Agitation, Frustration
A: Slow completion of charts
R: Sometimes, I miss a deadline for billing, and when I complete them late, they notes are half-ass quality and does not represent the quality of care I provide

How do I conquer doing something I dislike but HAVE to do?