Eating while on holiday: Where to start

Hi coaches, I’m on holiday (until next wednesday, thus 10 days overall). The pattern for years has been overeating while on holiday. I feel terribly stuck with this and I’m noticing it’s spoiling my holiday. I don’t want to complain as this is all my doing, but all our time with friends and family here is combined with eating, and I’ve reached a point (6th day on holiday) where I feel cravings all the time due to so many carbs. Don’t know where to start to shift this. 4 more days on holiday. This is a pattern over years and I despair it won’t shift.

Background is that I lost lots of weight – 14 kgs – in the last years and while at home I do fine. It’s the exceptions and holidays that reverse all my progress and I’m sure I’ll return home having gained at least 3 kgs. Please help with ideas on where to start.

Model today
C- My eating on holiday
T- I’m out of control, I will put on so much weight
F – Really upset
A: Avoid the whole thing & keep eating eating eating
tell myself I’m trapped & there are no solutions
thus buffer through being upset with … more eating
combine in my mind eating = seeing friends. Tell myself this is not just me combining it – this is what happens in this country. People eat out all the time, that’s how they gather, avoid doing meal plans or make meal plans & don’t follow them
R: I put on weight