How to decide

I am panicking because I had decided to move my son and I to a new city this summer. I already decided and told people and made plans including registering him in a school etc. I have my reasons to move there including, it’s cleaner, quieter and has less crime, we have family there and I can finish a degree at the local University that I started when I used to live there almost 20 years ago.

My son is struggling in school and we are waiting for him to get tested to see if he has a learning challenge but until we find out he is falling through the cracks of the public system. He will be going into grade 5 next year. I put him on a waitlist for an alternative school in the new city and they just contacted me and said they have a spot for him. Now I’m stalling at giving them confirmation and second guessing everything.

What if it’s not the right move? What if that’s not the right school? How do I know if it’s going to be right for us or not? Does it make sense to finish a degree or should I work on building my business? I’m at the end of my rope and don’t feel like I can take another wrong turn. I feel paralyzed by the decision.