Enjoying Life

Dear coaches,

I had an interesting experience the other day when I was looking at old pictures of myself on vacation. I remember how I felt even back then, and instead of enjoying myself, I am always trying to solve some problem. There is always something not right whether it is my job or marriage etc. Looking at these pictures made me realize that at the end of my life, I am going to regret struggling so much.

I know that I need to create from my future and work on my mindset. This just seems daunting and I go between wanting to feel grateful for what is but also strive for what’s next, or could be better. I feel like the life I lead falls short of what I would want it to be.
A possible model is:
C life
T this is not all it could or should be and I need to fix it
F struggle
A always be solving problems
R don’t enjoy my life

C life
F joy
A ?
R enjoy life.

Thank you for your help!