Even the smallest dare brought up so much

These dares of the day are really blowing my mind. Today I just dared myself to do something that I’ve been avoiding doing (even though I wasn’t sure why I was avoiding doing it) and it brought up a bunch of stuff for me.

I have been needing to email my son’s after school activity teacher. I found out most of the way through May that my 6 year old son had been skipping out on his Thursday yoga all month. I think the weather got nicer outside and he was opting to go out there instead. I have been meaning to email his yoga teacher and let her know that we will be just taking it month by month going forward and not to hold his spot in the class, but I have been avoiding doing it (and also avoiding making eye contact with her at the school). I made it my dare to send the email today and I didn’t even realize that I was feeling this shame until I did it! This was the smallest thing, but I made it mean I was a terrible mother that I didn’t know what was happening with my son. I was forced to change my thought/feeling to make myself go through with the dare.

This are my models:

C: Son did not attend yoga
T: How did the whole month go by without me realizing that he hasn’t been going? I haven’t even asked him about it for the whole month because he would have told me if I had asked. I’m a terrible, out of touch mother
F: Ashamed/irresponsible
A: Avoiding talking to yoga teacher the past 2 weeks
R: I am appearing even more like a terrible out of touch mother

After completing the dare:
C: Son not attending yoga
T: Oops, I guess I missed that. I’m a human being who makes mistakes! I should let his teacher know.
F: Self confidence
A: Sent the email to his teacher
R: I’m feeling like a good mom