Evening Time Overeats

Tonight I found myself overeating and realized it’s something I do often. I used to think I would overeat because I went into the evening without a plan. Tonight I had a huge AH-Ha that I am very tired going into the evenings and need more self care but haven’t created room for it. I was just randomly eating sweet potatoes while my kids were fighting. It’s not even like I want to yell at them, but it’s like I want to either disappear or for them to disappear.

Here is my model
C Eat Sweet potatoes when my meal is over and not hungry
T I wish these kids would stop making so much noise
F Anxious (this is interesting because I normally associate anxiety for me with high energy not low energy but I do think its anxiousness here and not fatigue)
A Eat sweet potatoes to put the energy to use, judge kids in my head, tell myself I hate my life (dramatic I know-but after a day of e-learning you might get it), judge my kids and my husband for not doing anything, try to go numb
R My thought I wish these kids would stop making so much noise increases the chatter in my own head

Can you give me some feedback and help here?