self doubt

I am a newly qualified coach. Coaching is bringing up a lot of thought and emotion for me.

The main theme about it is that coaching isn’t ‘easy’ and I’m having a lot of self doubt about my ‘suitability/ability’ to be a coach and whether or not I should continue. I am feeling uneasy all the time and constantly going over coaching sessions I have done and being quite critical. Logically I know this is all driven by my thoughts about my coaching sesssions and I am trying to sit with the discomfort and be curious about it.

I’m sitting here for a few weeks now and nothing seems to be changing or landing for me yet. So would appreciate some help from a fresh perspective please! Thanks.

T- Everyone’s judging me as a coach.
F- uneasy
A – worry, go over what I am doing wrong, dread next coaching session, struggle to find the positives, withdraw from social media, tearful, hide, don’t ask for help, not kind to self or curious, consider giving it up but then berate self for this, compare myself to other coaches
R – I judge myself harshly?