Exercising (or continuing exercising) While Losing Weight and Becoming Fat Adapted

Hi Brooke.
Quick question: I heard on your webinar that you don’t recommend exercising *while* you’re losing your weight. I completely get that, but I was just curious because you commented at the end of the Fat Adapted webinar yesterday that, if you were *already* exercising, you could continue on with that… (And I could have just heard you wrong or however I wanted to hear you – tricky brain! haha), so I figured I’d ask for clarification:

If I have been working out 5 days a week doing weights and cardio each day for the last six months (and really for years and years), should I stop while I am working on losing weight (30-40 pounds to lose) and then pick it back up after I reach my goal? OR, since I was already working out so much, just keep it up (or keep it up and dial it back some)? I am honestly ready to take whatever you tell me to do and just DO it. If you say stop, I’ll stop. If you say go, I’ll go. Say the words. 😛