Expected weigh loss result and time for racing goal

Hey there,
My goal and focus for SCS is weightloss and I am doing ok. I have lost 17,2 lbs since January 12. I weigh every day which has always been a huge no to me. Thought down loads and model has helped a lot!!!! So in the beginning I was dropping every day but last week it has slowed down. That is ok but I can tell I am starting to worry more about meeting my end goal of 75 lbs less weight, weighing 154 lbs. That has changed since course started and I had 50 lbs less, weighing 180. Your coaching and talk has made me reach for a “normal” weight for myself. HUGE for me. I know you would push me for 145 or less since I am 5’7″ but for now I am ok with my new goal. 🙂
So my dilemma the last week has been loosing a little, then up and then down. First I thought I am doing this wrong. I have to change and starve since I am not loosing etc. I did use logic and know I am eating good, way less calories though I know calories doesn’t matter, no sugar or flour and then I looked at last 7 days and I have lost 2 lbs. Is this the way to do it? Not focus on the daily weight in the sense of result but check the weekly result before changing and checking with you or one of the coaches if it stalls? See a weekly progress than loosing every day?
What would be realistic for reaching my goal? I started at 229 January 12 and have for now to be at 154 in October and MAINTAINING. (I might want to loose more when I hit goal but that is secondary) Is this reasonable/normal/achievable? I rather hit my goal of 154 than being upset with not hitting it by a specific date. Of course I want it now but I also want to be ok with that it will take a while, it is a journey and as long as I am loosing I am doing it. What’s your expert advice?