Facebook Ad – follow up 2

Hi Brooke,
You suggested that I price the sequel book much higher than $2.99, and make an educational video providing results ahead of time, put it on sale page and create a few emails to that page. I still have some questions about that.
1. The book itself has a bit of art history about da vinci, a bit of my own personal story, then a step-by-step showing how to paint a symbolic and meaningful portrait combing the two. The video providing results ahead of time, does that mean using slides of the work-in-progress images and talk that through?
2. What do you think I also make an additional video lesson, a different painting but related to the topic, as an add-on bonus for when they purchase the book?
3. Then I can price it at $9.99, which is the price of the hardcopy on Amazon? I’ve already unpublished the $2.99 Kindle version of both of my books after taking your advice. Should I keep the $9.99 hardcopy?
Thank you!