Fear of Not Working

My husband and I made the intentional decision I would quit my job and stay home with our children and work on the family business with him. I only need to work a few ours on the business per week. I have committed to being at home for two years until my kids are all in school. I know my brain would freak out saying I should go back to work and this was stupid and I should go make money.

I think I have a belief that I need to work at a job to make money so I don’t believe that being at home and providing value as a mom and wife and the value I give to the business will result in more money. This results in me spending my time looking for jobs and at our bank accounts rather than thinking about how I can add value to our family and business. I want to grow our bank accounts but from a place of abundance.

How does one switch their mindset to believe giving value will result in money?