Fear and Scarcity driving my entry into online dating –What a way to start! :-)

After several years of deliberately being single after leaving a 9 year relationship, I can feel myself ready to be in a relationship again with someone else. The idea of connecting, exploring, etc now feels like a sense of possibility as compared to my earlier feelings where it felt like I would just prioritize that “we” over “me” as I did with my ex. So as its 2018, that means online dating. And I’m feeling like a kid who looks at getting on a bike for the first time –sort of like, “huh, how do we do that?”. One thing that’s on my mind, is that I’ve got my 2018 “year of fails” anchored around becoming a mother. So the focus is on questions like “ok brain, how do I create work, home etc for myself that supports my parenting plans. etc” –and now, I’ve got a similar question popping up around dating –“ok brain, how do I go about meeting someone who support my parenting plans…” –I’m already filling my brain with scarcity thoughts of “what will happen if I do I say right up in my profile something like “I’m excited to bring children into my life…. etc” – my initial idea was that right away, anyone who isn’t open to that (being with someone who is becoming a mother, either with/without him, say as a single mother, etc) can keep going and not take up my time. Other fear/scarcity thoughts are “will I scare someone away….” to which my grounded, perhaps “Life Coach School” brain responds: “they may not be into it, and that’s ok…next! “. And then my abundant, more grounded side says “yes, you should be clear right in the top of the profile, so that people who want what you want, can see that –you will bring in the right men for you…they may assume that you as a woman in her late 40’s doesn’t want kids, so its good for him to know…”. As in, there may be someone out there just like me, who also wants to become a parent! here are my models – advice and general reactions welcome please! thank you –

Non SCS Brain Model:
C: Creating a online profile
T: Saying I’m becoming a mother will scare someone off
F: Scared and anxious
A: Stuck and leave it out
R: Not creating the personal life aligned with my parenting dream

SCS Brain Model:
C: Creating an online profile
T: It should reflect what I’m bringing into my life
F: Excited and Open
A: Include my parenting goal work
R: I send out my truth and invite someone who is into that