Fears of Being Ill and Alone

I just returned from travelling abroad and have become ill. My Covid tests have been negative despite the symptoms pointing to that. My concerns around Covid are mostly:

  • Getting really sick and having no one to help me out because I am single and alone
  • Hearing people talk about long Covid
  • As well as not being able to see my elderly parents because I’m sick and helping them usually.

I have rapid tests and so far, all have been negative.  I picked up more tests today at doctor’s office ….

Long story short, the doctor didn’t want to touch me because “you have Covid.” I was so confused and in my emotional state broke down crying as my biggest worry in life is being extremely ill and being alone with no one.

Lots of negative thought patterns and fears have surfaced needless to say. I feel like I am so overwhelmed, I can’t even work through a thought model to calm myself.  Advice?