Fed up

I’m feeling fed up with myself and my weight loss goals. The scale is up from last week and honestly, I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I have started with a PT (been going for 1.5 months), have a private weight loss coach and yet STILL haven’t been able to get to my goal. In fact, I haven’t lost ANY weight despite my efforts. It fluctuates, some weeks are lower than others but it tends to stay at a baseline. I have been on this journey now for 5 months.

I really eat healthily and don’t feel like I could eat any less. I hardly ever overeat, I’ve completely cut sugar out. The only thing that I thought I could adapt was my alcohol intake, so last week I lowered it and drank 0 drinks. Guess what happened? The scale went up! I’m genuinely feeling confused. I’m spending all this money and seeing no results. I don’t know what to do anymore