Feedback on Model

Good Morning, I was working on some models and I wanted to see if there was any feedback you could give to me. I am trying to understand my want to end all of my meals with something sweet. I think it goes back to my childhood where there was loads of scarcity and the only real comfort I could find was seeking out sweets. I am not really annoyed at myself for this habit but I am curious if it still serves me or needs to be retired. Here are my models:

C: Candy at the end of meal
T: This is how I provided myself with something comforting and special
F: Love
A: Buy candy, eat candy at the end of each meal, freeze candy, mentally think about whether I want to keep this or not, add the downside effects of sugar to my health
R: I am stuck with this comfort cycle

C: Candy at the end of each meal
T: I wonder if this still serves me
F: Curious
A: try ETF, journaling, mediating, pause on the candy, stop buying candy for now, meditate, coach
R: I expand my tool kit of comfort for myself