Help with intentional model- I don’t know where to start

LouAnn is a woman I’ve know for years. She is the wife of my husbands’s friend. She is always well dressed, authoritative, attractive, slim, organized. Perfect family. I do not see her but every few years, otherwise we are not in touch. But our husbands text almost daily within a close group of friends. I have random thoughts even if my husband does not mention her husband .

Unintentional model
C: thoughts of LouAnn pop into my mind
T: She’s so perfect
F: jealous. Inadequate
A: Ruminate about her and how she has it all.
R: continue to feel inadequate and jealous in comparison

C: random thoughts pop into my head
T: it is possible that I can stop feeling inadequate when thinking and comparing myself with LouAnn?
F: ?
A: ?
R: I stop comparing and feeling inadequate. (Not sure how to get to this result.)