Feedback on thought work of "not feeling like" working on my biz because I REALLY wanted to play video games

Here is a download I did.

On the C – working on my biz today. I wanted to create the A- just get it done now instead of thinking about it. I think it worked! I wanted to submit to ask a coach first to get some feedback.

I just wanna play video games
I don’t feel like working today
I don’t know why I’m tired
I shouldn’t feel so uninspired
I just want to spend time with myself more and more
I’m falling in love with being alone
I don’t need anything from anyone
I have so much to do today
I want my knee to heal
Fuck, I wish there were more hours in the day

C- my biz
T- I just wanna play video games today
F- resistance
A- stall, not do what I need to do, wasting more time, spend time in the weird purgatory of deciding if I should take another day off or just get done what I committed to which wastes time, think about WoW stuff instead of just getting my shit done quick then thinking about WoW stuff
R- I just waste time and end up taking away time to play AND time from my business

C- my biz
T- If I get my stuff done Now, I’ll have more time for both gaming and biz
F- grit/warrior energy
A- just get my stuff done for the day QUICK, do 2k, make my posts, do consult prep BEFORE my next consult
R- I end up saving a bunch of time and being able to do both 🙂

Then I asked myself: “Why is this thought true and useful?” And answered that question. It helped me feel a lot less resistance in my body, and I’m ready to get stuff done as soon as I submit this to ask a coach. I love the model .. SO MUCH! Just doing these two unintentional/intentional models showed me how much time I was wasting thinking if I should have another off day versus just getting to work and having a bunch of free time later to do what I enjoy for fun/pleasure.

Thank you Brooke and SCS!