Feeling hopeless

Hi, I’m just looking for some guidance. I’m in scholars to lose 80 lbs. I had lost 15 lbs and completed the stop overeating coarse. I love the material and I was doing great and feeling amazing. I was journaling, sticking to my protocol most of the time, and going to the gym. Now, I am going back to old habits of snacking, avoiding the gym, not journaling, not weighing myself. This is what happens with me often when trying to lose weight but this time really seemed different in a good way and now I’m so upset and at a lost for what to do next. I was doing well when I had all that material to watch and read and listen to. I feel like I’m giving up and just in a bad spot overall. I was looking for the one to one weight loss coaches to work with but I couldn’t find them on the site. Any other suggestions would greatly be appreciated.