Feeling Impatient Waiting For The Weight To Start Coming Off And Wondering If This Is Actually Me Acknowledging That I Want To Be Done Losing And Go Back To Eating?

I’ve been working on this (podcasts/meal planning/no sugar no flour/no alcohol/intermittent fasting) for over a month. I quickly lost 7-8 pounds but haven’t budged in the last week: Early on I chose to go off plan a few times (2 glasses of wine one night, a whole sleeve of Oreos another night) but still was losing weight. Now that I’ve been totally neurotically on plan for 2 weeks nothing more is coming off. I’m sure the advice is to wait till the end of the 2 weeks and then make a change in protocol. I may shorten my eating window from 8 to 4 hours and have only 2 meals instead of 3…I’m not actually that hungry at 10 when i break my fast anyway, because i think I’m pretty much fat adapted at this point.

Since I’ve stopped losing weight on protocol I feel impatient and wonder if it’s because I subconsciously still want to go back to old habits once the weight loss is done?

So how do i really process these thoughts and change what i think is going on inside my brain?

C- I’ve stopped losing weight

T- i wish this weight would hurry up and come off so i can eat all the foods i love again

F – impatient

A- either quit now, or keep working in frustration only to start back to eating when i finish losing the weight

R- don’t lose the weight or gain it all back at the end.

Or…i could do…

C-I’ve stopped losing weight

T- my body must not be responding to my current protocol

F- determined to figure out why

A- hold steady the rest of this week and then change my fasting window and go down to 2 meals a day

R- start losing weight again… how does that sound?