Feeling like a know it all

I’m still new to being on my journey of life coaching. I’ve noticed I have limiting beliefs coming up around meeting new people and having conversations in general. I plan on making enough money life coaching to be able to leave my current full time job. In order to do that, my belief is that I need to dedicate a majority of my free time to learning about life coaching, both the coaching and business sides- which I love doing, but I feel like since I don’t have a lot of other hobbies outside of learning about personal development that leaves me unable to relate to most people.

I feel like I’m not really able to let loose and have fun. I think that a lot of people talk about their issues in a way that they just laugh it off as a way to cope with it. It’s tough for me to relate in conversations because I’m thinking everything is figureoutable and I want to help them work through the issue. But I also think that makes me appear as someone who’s always serious or that I’m a know it all.
For example my roommate and I have a couple of her friends over every Wednesday night for girls night. It always seems to just end up being a big therapy session about all their relationship issues. When they are talking about it I either don’t know what to say without wanting to run through the model with them or I’m just quiet and listening. Here’s a model I created for it:
C- having girls night
T- I want to be able to help them fix their relationship issues
F- Isolated
A- try to give advice or just listen
R- nothing changes, I feel unsure of how to act

Then I wonder if maybe I’m not bad at conversations and these girls just aren’t my tribe? But I still wonder how I can still show up in a way that’s treating everyone like they’re my client.. any advice would be greatly appreciated! 🙂