Monday Hour One course

Question 1:

I went through this course and did a detailed thought download on paper. All is related to personal projects/ideas, not business.

I ended up with 29 pages of things to do. Obviously as per course, I can’t schedule all of it over a week or even a month.

What would be the best approach?
Go through my list once a month and schedule for the month new projects /things to do or should I try to schedule all over next 6/12 months , so I don’t keep loose paper. Seems difficult to schedule that many items over a long period of time.

Question 2:

I will use this method to organize my personal life only, not related to business.

Should I try to stick to 5 days per week and do Friday Hour Done? Or should I schedule my time over 7 days and do Friday Hour Done on Sunday for example. I will more than likely be able to accomplish more over the weekend as I am working during the week.

Any suggestions would be welcome.