Feeling Negative Emotion and Still Creating What You Want

Could you help me with this?

I know we’re not supposed to feel positive emotions all of the time, but the model seems to state that “positive” emotions will create positive results. If so, then in order to create the positive results I want,  I need to feel the feelings I want to feel (which aren’t negative ones, generally).

It feels like I then need to be feeling positive in order to be creating what I want.

What do we do when we feel the other 50% of life? I know to allow it, and allowing it means not letting it steer the ship. But the process of allowing also feels like we let a negative emotion be there and choose again what feeling we want – which feels like we’re always coming back to wanting to feel positive.

How do I reconcile that most positive emotions = positive results and still be okay with feeling negative emotions and taking action anyway? It feels like the model is telling me negative emotion will = negative result, so I feel like I have to wait to take action until I feel good? (I know that’s not what to do, but I can’t seem to make sense of this here.)