Hi Brooke!

I am wondering if I am working The Model correctly, or if you had any input on how I could do it better.

My thought was I want a donut. I tried to figure out what feeling was causing this thought and I couldn’t tell. That was that hardest part of working The Model for me. Then I asked myself what the circumstances are, which is my husband is going in for a back procedure this morning. Then I realized I was feeling nervous about that circumstance and having a thought error that I should eat a donut. Prior to the model my action would have been getting a donut with the result of overeating. Working The Model made me feel more in control and aware. I was able to think this is just an urge and it will pass. I then felt calm about the circumstance of the back procedure. I was able to not take any action on getting a donut and instead the action of being more present with my husband. As a result I am learning the model, learning how to handle urges, and not overeating.