finally — my purpose

Dear Brooke, I have been more of a lurker than a participant in SCS so far and I intend to change that. So although it is late in the month, I challenged myself to post my purpose. My purpose is to relieve suffering and increase joy in myself, and to assist others in doing the same for themselves.

Backstory: really unusual upbringing, and for most of my life the suffering/joy ratio for me and those around me was more like 95/5%. Being raised in that environment I thought it was normal for everyone to hate themselves and everyone/everything around them. But I see now that it just wasn’t necessary, or true. I have done a lot of hard work on myself that has revolutionized my own life, and now I am a coach to help others who want to do the same for themselves. This purpose feels like the only one I could possibly have; there were no other contenders! 🙂