Financial Risk

My husband has run his own business for 7 years and from what I can tell has had some significant financial successes on behalf of his client. His frustration seems to sit squarely in his inability to create the same financial success for himself.

His client retention & billings since meeting him have dwindled & it reached a point where after accruing some substantial debt (on my credit line). I encouraged him to take a paid job. He is now contracting & on a fantastic day rate with stable income for the current quarter.

I manage the finances, in part because he wasn’t very financially savvy when I met him & in part because I’m the main financial contributor & own the credit line. Having just made peace that “we”‘ were in a stable position for a period, he approached me to divert some of his new earnings back into giving his business another go.

Whilst I know I am naturally risk averse (having always earned a substantial wage in employee positions) and his passion is to be an entrepreneur, I want to support him (as I believe I do in all other areas), but I can’t seem to shake my fear that the money will be squandered, the debt will take even longer to repay & all the while I will seem like an unsupportive partner putting strain on the relationship.


C. My husband wants to defer debt repayment in favour of reinvesting into his business
T. His lack of earnings (or previous success) contributed to the debt
F. Fearful
A. I resist giving him the funds & my support
R. Debt is managed but the relationship is strained

C. My husband wants to defer debt repayment in favour of reinvesting into his business
T. Reinvesting is a sensible approach to reducing the debt more quickly
F. Supportive
A. We agree to defer funds
R. He has the opportunity to improve our financial situation

In the first instance, please can you confirm I have completed the models correctly?

Secondly, whilst I can conceptually understand that the second model is a much better way of thinking and feeling about the circumstance, the result is still a risk (he may or may not improve our financial situation) therefore do I model “I don’t like taking financial risks”? Or do I address how despite my reservations I’m taking the risk, I need to show my husband support?

Essentially, is there more to model beyond these models to actually address my fears?

Many thanks.